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World17, provides services in many areas from a single source with its sub-companies, and now has been restructured as World17 Group in its sixth year. Over the years, World17 Group has expanded globally and opened offices in Turkey, the United States, England and Singapore. World17 Group continues to grow day by day with its qualified solution partners and dynamic team. As of 2020, it has reached a brand value of $9.8 million CAD.

World17 Group has made the principle to grow together with the companies within its structure. Our vision is to become a global "market maker" by incorporating companies from every industry into our structure. Our mission is to expand companies who have been successful in their fields primarily internationally, help them to be a sustainable business and to prepare the required legal infrastructure for this. Exporting goods and services, customs procedures, and legal procedures may differ from country to country and can be a complex and risky situation. In this context, we assist businesses in the establishment process, legal procedures, risk analysis management, market entry strategies, business development, advertisement, social media strategies and human resources management services.

We start a branding process in which a company will make a difference compared to its competitors, it will stand out with its value and quality as well as its cost advantage. In addition, we develop a brand image in the target market.