Contact Office And Unified Office

Establishing an office abroad seems to be a risky and challenging process that requires substantial financial support for a majority of us. On the other hand, the world acts like a single country with developing technology. How bad is it to share your cost ?

If companies are planning to set up a North American office alone, they have to deal with:

Long-term lease contracts,
Spending on interior design,
The set up of different departments and training their employees,
Turkey's three times the employee's salary, must bear.

United Office Concept

Nowadays, the Unified office concept is used by Chinese and Indian companies as a technique of opening abroad.

As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of thousands of companies registered at the financial centers in America and Canada for unified office reasons.

The fact that an existing on-site office rental, co-workers, meeting room, lawyers and accountants are present, reduces the risk and cost of companies targeting to open abroad by 3%


We have a company operating in Turkey, which wants to set Canada as their destination country.

In a uninformed investment, the firm will have to buy a place from scratch, this new location will be selected entirely with information that is obtained remotely. The recruitment, training and retention of new employees will create a constant cost for the firm and will result in the failure of any staff member to return to the point where they are most likely to start.

Product shipment, transfer and return of the product from the consumer will be some of the biggest problems faced by the newly established company. Particularly, it can be very costly to hire an employee who is well-versed in the legislation or to provide support for the third party.

When companies are in a country that is completely foreign and they want to establish a network or perform marketing research, they will fail to conduct a study or they will act in accordance with the information in Turkish markets.

- The same product but different brand- it is essential for Canada.

Companies should be more careful and well-controlled about the new market conditions because a foreign country has its own customer portfolio and institute warranties.

As World 17, we recommend the company we mentioned above to establish a contact office and to represent us. During this time market surveys are carried out and it is decided if the product will enter the Canadian wholesale or retail market. It is negotiated with the customers in the meeting areas within the "Unified Office" and the office rent is reduced to the minimum. At the end of the necessary investigations, if it is predicted that there will not be a future in Canada, the firm will not be damaged financially.

If the firm is satisfied with the obtained data and decides to open in Canada, it will be able to work shoulder to shoulder with World17 on many issues ranging from customs legislation to office or shop choice. Lawyers and accountants who are present in our country shall carry out the inspection and control of the area in Canada.

The investment supports that have been given by the Government of Turkey are considered, accurate and careful work can be achieved in different fields.

For more detailed information, you can contact our authorities and speed up your growth.


Contact Office And Unified Office

With changing and developing technology, the world now acts as a single country.

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