Investment Support And Requests

The support provided by The Economy Ministry of the Republic of Turkey is increasing day by day. If they meet the requirements, companies that want to set up offices or warehouses overseas are seeking support for customer inquiries. Other services that companies are seeking support for include:

Shops – office – store – rental support for showroom units for 4 years
Advertising support for products sold abroad
Fair support
Government support can also be obtained to help recognize the market for a product.

In addition to these services World17 is carrying out necessary studies such as market research in order to help companies find foreign partners.

Our esteemed company proposes to sell commodities, such as sock models in Canada, to investors and should they be successful in the future we shall offer to establish a partnership.

Our client, originating in Gaziantep and having a baklava shop in Izmir, offers 50,000 Canadian dollars in return he wants other necessary expenses to be covered for opening a place in Canada while offering his dues and workmanship. In return, the required rate of partnership will be decided.

Our other client, Pesticides in Canada, is seeking an investment and people who have the infrastructure to help with production. The base support that has been offered is $200,000 which requires 65% of profit sharing plus a 5 years’ contract.


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Investment Support And Requests

We are conducting all studies to find foreign partners and conduct market research.

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