Let’s make your investment ideas real and provide you a Canadian experience at a time when investment conditions are constantly increasing and challenging.

At World17, we offer the possibility to work together in business groups that do not require certification in Canada.

You can do a profession that you have been doing for many years, or have always dreamed of doing without having a company or opening an office in Canada.

This helps to show you the commercial activities in both Turkey and Canada; we are also creating new investment fields.

For example, when a carpenter receives a license from ABC company he may act under the name ABC carpenter, participate in exhibitions and come to Canada with a business visa.

The world is much smaller now, so let's put together our capabilities and possibilities.


Contact Office And Unified Office

With changing and developing technology, the world now acts as a single country.

Investment Support And Requests

We are conducting all studies to find foreign partners and conduct market research.

World17 Tours

Vehicle, guide, and driver assistance to all metropolises of Canada and the United States.

Network Engineering

Turkey's established and emerging firms with workplaces to seize the opportunity now easier with World17.


It offers the opportunity to work together in Canadian business groups that do not require certification.


We conduct market research and analysis in the sector as World17.