You can reach 38 million people in the Canadian market alone and about 480 million when NAFTA member countries are calculated into the total. Marketing techniques and advertising research have a critical role to play when more than 80 diverse citizens from different countries in Canada, the United States and Mexico join the account.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Blogs are often misleading in providing databases, and often the manufacturer itself has to go into to the field and do some private research of their own.

Collecting and analyzing market data is two very different phenomena.

It is clear that Canada does not possess the adequate resources in the field of textiles and furniture, but the analysis of how this need can be met and how customers can be gained yields a positive outcome. Long-term risk analysis and what will be achieved should be determined by reports prepared in a professional manner. Let's do world market research and analysis as World17.

If a company predicts its own future, it has fulfilled the first condition of winning.

The Republic of Turkey offers a lot of support for market penetration and market research surveys. Please contact us for detailed information about your sector and the supports that it can offer.


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