World17 Network Engineering

I.T. Solution Areas:

Cloud Infrastructure
Enterprise Private Cloud

Big Data Management and Analytics
Cloud Capacity Analytics
Data Management

Security and Compliance Management
Comprehensive endpoint security with detect, analyze and remediate capabilities

Vulnerability Management: Scan, detect and report on the latest known vulnerabilities in the form of rogue files, processes and harmful configurations

Compliance Management: Scan endpoints to find and fix violations of your security & compliance policies against established IT benchmarks

Security Configuration Management: Run scans and audits of managed devices for security tools, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls and more

Endpoint Security in Real-Time
Real-time visibility and control of each and every endpoint

Real-Time Information: Scan, identify and report on key endpoint attributes from every single endpoint within seconds to locate vulnerabilities, malware, and other cyber threats

Up-to-the-minute Visibility: Deep visibility across endpoints with graphical views, drilldowns, filtering and detailed reporting for superior analyses

Complete Control: Gain back control of every endpoint to fix issues immediately, respond to fast-developing situations, and recover from security incidents in a matter of minutes

Endpoint Management - BYOD, PCs & mobile phones
Enterprise Mobility Management

Departman Manager: Mohammad Jamshed Quresh


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